Terms and Conditions


£30 per day
Booking fee 50% of total on completion and return of this form
Cheques made payable to Woofers & Waggers.
As with any contract, these Terms and Conditions tend to dwell in the world of what-happens-when-things-go-wrong, and don't make the most pleasant reading. Please be assured that we will look after your dog with the same care and attention that we look after our own dogs. If you have any questions on the Terms and Conditions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Conditions Applicable

These conditions shall apply to the contract between Woofers & Waggers and the Owner to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions.

Charges and Payment

The boarding charge shall be an amount set by Woofers & Waggers and agreed (either verbally or in writing) by the Owner.
In addition Woofers & Waggers shall be entitled to charge the Owner:
Any special charges authorised in advance.
Any veterinary charges incurred by Woofers & Waggers for the benefit of the Owner's dog.
Any charges relating to the above shall be payable by the Owner on collection of their dog, unless otherwise agreed by Woofers & Waggers


Most of the time, (during the low season) Woofers & Waggers will ask for a deposit of 50% of the total cost, and payment must be made at the time of booking to reserve a place for your dog.

Owner's Undertaking

The Owner hereby agrees and undertakes with and warrants to Woofers & Waggers that he has full power to enter into this agreement without the consent of any third party.
That he agrees to his dog being boarded with resident dogs and, where applicable, dogs from a different household.
That his dog has not been exposed to rabies or distemper within the period of 30 days prior to this agreement and has been inoculated against rabies, distemper, rhino-tracheitis, tracheo-bronchitis and parvo-virus and such inoculations remain effective at the date of this agreement.
That his dog has not at any time prior to the date hereof attacked any human being or animal.
That there are no material facts or circumstances, which have not been disclosed to Woofers & Waggers and which, if disclosed, might reasonably be expected to affect the decision of Woofers & Waggers to enter into this agreement.
That the information set out in the Booking Confirmation Form is complete and correct in every respect.

Owner's Failure to Collect

In the event of failure by the Owner to collect his dog from Woofers & Waggers on the due date, Woofers & Waggers reserves the right to terminate this agreement without notice and to re-home the Owner's dog by any reasonable means.

This agreement contains a whole agreement between the parties. It is subject to English Law and any dispute arising out of it shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

Unforseen Circumstances

In the event that your dog bites another dog or human, becomes aggressive or is uncontrollable by Woofers and Waggers, Woofers and Waggers hold the right to re-home your dog for the duration of its stay.